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The Magic of Knowing What You Want (For True Healing and Happiness)

What do you want? You ask yourself this question dozens of times a week. When you’re out to lunch in the café with your best friend. When you go to...

12 Things I Learned from Nearly Dying That Could Save Your Life

Dying at 27 I’d been waiting for weeks. Months even. When the results came in, I wasn’t expecting much. I’d had so many tests before. Until I received an emergency...

The Real Reason You’re So Sick All the Time

**WARNING Graphic content: might not be suitable for work** Some people are born sick. I wasn’t. I made myself sick. I spent my entire childhood building up to spending my...

The Absolute Key to Healing (That You’re Totally Ignoring!)

You’ve read all the best advice. Even paid quite a lot for some of it. You’ve tried pills and potions, natural remedies and chemical cocktails. Maybe you’ve seen a psychiatrist,...

How to Live and Heal with Purpose and Meaning

It’s all out of control. Bills due. Deadlines passed. Appointments missed. Brain baked.   All you can do is hide under your duvet, binge watching the world spiral away from...

How to Develop Health Intuition for Life Long Healing

Your body gives you mixed signals all the time: You’re exhausted during the day, but can’t sleep at night. You crave carbs all the time, but then feel bloated and...

The One Question You Must Answer to Find True Healing

You’ve reached the edge. You’ve been sick for a long time. You’re staring down into the darkest, deepest abyss of your soul wondering…will you fall? Will you jump? You’ve been...

Self Love Hypnosis is Life Changing Mental Magic

What the heck is all this hypnosis voodoo witchcraft malarkey? Quite a tidy sum of science, actually. But I prefer to call it Mental Magic, myself. And what the F...

How to Supercharge Your Self-Love Hypnosis for Quicker, Better Results

New to this whole self-love hypnosis thing? Not really sure what the heck you’re doing? Skeptical that it even works? A little scared that it might actually work? Not to worry,...

How to Be a Beautiful Wild Savage Thing: A Guide

Hello you sexy beast. I Know Why You’re Here It’s not that you want to improve your selfie face. Don’t pretend you haven’t You’ve already got all the lipstick. Your...

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