Hello you sexy beast.

I Know Why You’re Here

It’s not that you want to improve your selfie face.

lady smearing lipstick onto glass

You’ve already got all the lipstick. Your closet is packed full of leather and lace. You’ve got the heels,

the tightest jeans, and the blow dry.

All of that is so old news. Everybody has that stuff.

It’s boring.

Nah, you came here because you want something else.

Some different. Something more.

It’s not enough to be pretty. It’s only five minutes of fun to take a photo of yourself

looking drop dead gorgeous. Doesn’t last.

It’s not enough to ace an awesome make-up tutorial from Pinterest. You look great, sure. But there it goes again.

That feeling. It’s only shallow, fleeting.

What is it?

What is that thing that’s missing, that you’re craving, that you’re desperate for?

I know.

Come closer, and I’ll tell.

You don’t want pretty and certainly not perfect – that means nothing, and frankly everyone

seems to be able to pull that off these days anyway.

No. You want to be fierce. Strong. Magnificent.

A blurry picture of a woman

You want your hair to be insane.

You want your bright red mouth to breathe fire and spine tingling truth.

You want people to be absolutely undone by how feral your spirit is.

You want your bare feet and bare face and bare skin to shock the planet with it’s recklessness.

You want your body to be completely and totally unhinged.

Woman biting a piece of paper that says "pretty" because she is a beautiful wild savage thing

You want to be a beautiful wild savage thing.

Forget safe.

Abandon pretty.

Embrace the dark, sacred uncertainty of self.

Find who you are.

Be brave. 

Here’s how. 

A poster for how to be a beautiful wild savage thing of a Naked woman with a flower crown

Tell me. Are you scared to death of being your true self? Did your mother disown you when you revealed you liked dressing like the opposite sex? Are you desperate join a nudist colony? I want to know.

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