It’s all out of control. Bills due. Deadlines passed. Appointments missed. Brain baked.


All you can do is hide under your duvet, binge watching the world spiral away from you.

Barbie hiding under a duvet

Disconnected. Dissatisfied. Disillusioned.


If you’re not bored, you’re scared. And if you’re not scared, you’re absolutely terrified.


Or worse: you feel like you’re barely existing at all.


What are you even doing with your life?


It’s the question that so often gets asked…but have you ever taken the time to really answer it? Spent even five minutes feeling the weight of it in your hands?


It’s the ultimate soul bearing exercise; spelling out our fears, doubts and inadequacies in bright neon lights. Most people shy away from the truth of it.

A teal background with FEAR spelled out three times


Not knowing means not having to take responsibility. It means you can sit back and blame life for all the awful circumstances that tie you down and trip you up.


I’ll never lose the weight because I’m sick and tired.

Nothing ever goes my way.

Everything is out of my control, so why bother?

I’m too ugly to attract my ideal partner, so I’ll be alone forever.


You make friends with disappointment and bunk down for a long life of short sightedness.


A Better Way

What if there was a better way, though? What if slogging through, numb and despondent, wasn’t the only option?

Chances are you’d say, ha ha very funny. Get real.

Go on. Say it. I don’t mind.

Because I got the truth serum right up in here, and if you don’t want a taste, go on and whine to ya mama like always.

Ah, see.

Now you want it.

Alright, I’m gonna sock it to ya, butcha gotta be ready for it:

Conscious living.

Uh huh. I said it. I’m gonna say it again.

Conscious living.

Chew on that for a minute while I bring you up to speed on what I mean.

What is Conscious Living?

I know it sounds a little pretentious, but take it from a girl who grew up in a trailer; it ain’t.

Conscious living is simply choosing to live with meaning and purpose.

Not just when you are on vacation in Greece. Not just on social media where you can doctor your life to appear meaningful and exciting. Not just for Christmas and birthdays.

I mean all the time. Choosing for every moment in every old day to hold meaning and purpose. Making a conscious choice to connect.

When you make dinner. When you commute. When you buy new clothes. When you put on make-up. When you take medication and go to the gym.

Conscious living doesn’t require that you put a disco ball in the kitchen and dance from dawn till dusk (though you can – no judgements). It just means bringing your mind into the moment. Deciding to care. Noticing the robins singing as you take out the trash. Turning the radio up when stuck in a traffic jam, and being thankful you have a car in the first place.

You are free to find purpose and meaning in everything; your breath, your coffee, your nail polish. Everything.

Freedom and Responsibility

Living consciously also means taking responsibility. For your choices and actions, and how they effect your life and others’. Not blaming, but learning. Not failing, but pivoting.


It’s paying attention to how you feel when you eat. Where the food came from and how it impacts the earth. How the chemicals in your cosmetics may be hurting your health – or the rain forest. Where you direct your energy and what it manifests.

Red lipstick in the forest

But living consciously is also living in freedom. Freedom to see the beauty and wonder. Freedom to connect. Freedom to consider the deeper meaning and purpose. Freedom from getting distracted by the same old junk everyone else is obsessed with. Freedom from complaining about the weather and traffic and long lines. 

How to Connect to Your Life with Purpose and Meaning

This will be different for everyone, so don’t allow any judgement or self-consciousness to creep in. Let your truth to flow.

Start by connecting to yourself and Find Who You Really Are; it’s an awesome guide to help you unearth the beautiful gems of your soul and kick start conscious living.


A headless Barbie with a question mark above it


Take it further and get super juicy with 58 ways to Save the World With Your Brain, Body, and Beauty. Total inspiration for living a life full of meaning and purpose and wonderfulness.

A glamorous woman sewing in the forest

If you’re ready, bring on the hot sauce and learn How to Be a Beautiful, Wild, Savage Thing.


a trip-tic of a woman wearing a grass nest on her head

Live Your Life Right Now

Find your purpose and meaning.

Don’t wait.

Connect now.

Breathe it in.

Life is waiting for you.

Live the heck out of it.


Tell me. Did you have a life changing experience when atop a Peruvian mountain? What draws you in and makes you feel so deeply connected to this life? How are you changing the status quo? I want to know. 

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Why are there so many ugly people in the world?

Maybe the cashier is an ugly bugger. Maybe your boyfriend. Maybe you.


I’ll let you in on a little secret.

But first, to illustrate my point:

For anyone who’s ever been a customer of any kind, this is a written rap on the knuckles.

Putting professionalism aside, I have to tell you that people are often the worst part of working in a customer facing position.

I’ve waited tables, been a barista in a coffee shop, worked in a library, liaised with top film designers and spent some time as a laser tech in a cosmetic clinic; they’re all the same.

The consensus I’ve come to is that as soon as you have a product or service to offer, you suddenly become the target of incessant complaint, dissatisfaction, and general over-exaggeration of the negative variety.

A woman frazzled by horrible clients and a terrible mindsetKnow what I mean?

What the heck? I’m here to tell you, that as customers, ya’ll have some manners to learn.

This may come as a shock, but:

The customer isn’t always right.

And yes, I’m talking to you.

And yes, I’ve read How to Win Friends and Influence People. Mr. Carnegie will be gnashing his teeth at this.

We’ve all been ripped off and had abysmal experiences that are worthy of a bum kicking.

I’ve launched my fair share of complaints in this life. Some have been fully justifiable.

Other complaints have shamed me with their bleak lack of necessity. 

I know ya’ll have done the same, so don’t pretend.

You’re wondering where the ugly part is.

I’m getting to that.

A Terrible Customer With A Supremely Ugly Mindset 

Here’s the situation: I was working in the cosmetic clinic. The client was very young, pretty, and petite. She came in once a month with her mother for Brazilian laser hair removal. Owing to the fact that this client was exceptionally sensitive, we literally spent four times the amount of time doing her treatment; we provided ice packs, took things really slowly, gave her plenty of breaks, and more or less bent over backwards to accommodate her fragile anatomy. We didn’t skimp on the service we provided for her, and even though it cost us quadruple the time, we did not charge her quadruple the price.

So, the point is, we tried and we cared.

The next morning, the first phone call we got before we were even technically open, was the mother of our sensitive client. She was emphatically and indignantly up in arms complaining about how her daughter was “made to feel extremely uncomfortable by highly inappropriate comments made regarding her treatment”.

A bear growling at a woman till her head fell off

For the record, this is what was said:

The Receptionist: Isn’t that nice, a mother bringing her daughter in for a laser treatment. I wish my mother would’ve done that for me.

Me: I know. Laser hair removal didn’t even exist when I was that age. It was a flimsy razor and you’re on your own.

The end.

Now, come on kids. I’m sure if you had the time, inclination, and imagination, you could infer, extrapolate, and otherwise completely misconstrue what we were saying into something sick, twisted, malign, cutting, personal, and unprofessional.

But, really?

For real?

What burns my biscuits the most is how these folks so obviously just totally missed the point here. Going the extra boring mile, spending (four times!) more time, offering the additional words of support and encouragement meant nothing.

In fact, these little missies felt something had been taken from them and that in addition to the extraneous provisions we made, we now owed them.

What the capital F?

Here’s the big reveal:

Ugly is a choice.

Now my memories of the young, pretty, petite girl are something more akin to whining, demanding, needy beast. 

Ugly is thoughts and words and actions manifested into something bigger than complexion and great hair.

Ugly is a choosing.

Ugly is an altering of perceptions to the point of distaste.

Ugly is allowing our fears to dictate our lives, moods, choices, and reactions. 

Ugly is showing people our insides, and revealing nothing but a cesspit.

And I’ll be honest: sometimes I’m one ugly bitch.

And I reckon there are people in this world who can’t stand the sight of my great big ugly face.

And it has nothing to do with the line of my nose or the cut of my cheekbones.

Listen, everyone’s got their reasons, so fine. Bad days, sob stories, motives, experiences, blah. I’m into it. I got it. That’s what MegaBeauts is about.

But all I’m saying is that you (I) should really think twice about what kind of shit you are going to stir. Think twice about what kind of human being you are going to be today. Because more than likely, you are acting out of fear, doubt, scarcity, and lack within yourself – and simply broadcasting it out onto the world with a vengeance. 

Yes, maybe you’re paying.

Yes, perhaps you’re entitled.

To a point. You are not an elite deity that can crush mankind because you’re running late and only have eight and a half minutes to hide those three lines in your forehead with filler and resume your enviable poise.

The Responsibility of Being a Customer

As the customer, you have the responsibility of being human.

As a human, you have the responsibility of being human.

Part of being beautiful is not being ugly.

Because your beauty is the experience you offer the world.

And ugly is a choice. Straight up.

So if you can’t be beautiful about it, find a way to CHANGE. 

A woman being a good customer 

Be a charmer

A woman dressed as a devil, being a bad customer
Not Satan

The Whole Point of Beauty

I went into the beauty biz because I love beauty. My own vanity aside, I genuinely believe (and maybe I’m lost in my own Utopia on this one) that taking care of yourself can make your a happier brighter, more confident, kick-ass entity.

If a little plum gloss and smooth legs pump you up, you will naturally sally forth and spread the love.

Marylin Monroe smiling with a beautiful mindsetMore of this, please

I had such an awful time of things with acne when I was growing up, that I wanted to connect with people in a genuine way so that something like angry red pustules and a pock marked complexion didn’t have to own their confidence the way it did mine for so many years.

A woman with lots of ugly acne

I love the anatomy, physiology, health, nutrition, and psychology that all come together to comprise what we esteem to be beautiful. It’s a fascinating warren, with endless rabbit holes branching off of it in every direction.

It’s the culmination of creativity, personal expression, political statement, and the extraordinary human experience. I want it in all its guises.

But this self centered, atomic trip wire of mindless negativism that manifests itself into ordinary, everyday dissatisfaction thrown at the heads of people that serve you has got to stop. 

Nothing is more ugly.

Because it has nothing to do with them. Not really. 

I mean it.

It is Your Responsibility to Get Your Shit Together and Have a Good Experience of Life

No one else’s. 

A woman with a party hat ooking worried about being uglyYes, I mean you

If lives are at stake, speak up. If there is blood and guts and actual injustice in the world, make your voice heard.

Otherwise, have a fucking sit down for five minutes. Calm your mind. Drink your tea. Count to a million. And realize that there really ain’t time enough for the bullshit.

If the black tarry soup of blame and disappointment is going to come out of your mouth, particularly if it is directed at another human being, you had better take a long, long look at yourself -Because having two sips less latte to enjoy today is not the problem here. 

Always check the mirror first before opening your gob; more often than not, it probably has nothing to do with the person who’s getting it in the neck and all all all about your own fears and failures in life. Want to give that shit up? Let me help you with that.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

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Tell me. Has beauty made you a beast? Has the infinite world of lipstick brought you to your knees? Did the lady at the Clarins counter discriminate against you because you had gorgeous midnight chocolate skin?